Testosterone Therapies

Testosterone Therapies

Testosterone General Information, Side Effects, Cardiac Problems and Current Lawsuits.


Testosterone General Information

Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone that is found in both women and men. In both genders the crucial hormone is used to develop characteristic sexual traits and to help normalize metabolic processes. In males, the steroid hormone also stimulates male secondary sex characteristics. Chemically, the hormone is known as 17-beta-hydroxy-4-androstene-3-one. As men grow older they may lose the ability to synthesize enough testosterone. These men can take testosterone injections in order to maintain high levels of the hormone in their system. Medical professionals have been aware of the effects of testosterone on the male body since the early 1800’s. It was then that researchers began studying the effects of boosting testosterone levels in men. By the early 1900’s scientists had learned to synthesize testosterone in the laboratory and began injecting it into willing patients. Today, many men utilize testosterone supplements as they grow older to prevent fatigue, sexual dysfunction, depression, body fat accumulation and a reduction in muscle mass.


Testosterone Side Effects

Testosterone supplements come in both gel and injection form. The supplement cannot be taken in pill form because it will be broken down by the digestive system and not absorbed. Through injections or gel patients can receive the benefits of testosterone. Just like every other medication on the market, testosterone injections and gel can cause side effects. Some of the less serious side effects caused by both supplement types include:


  • breast swelling,
  • headache,
  • anxiety,
  • numbness,
  • acne,
  • pain or swelling near injection site or application site.


Testosterone injections and gel can also cause serious side effects. If you experience any of these serious side effects you need to call your doctor immediately. These side effects include:


  • nausea or vomiting,
  • changes in skin color,
  • impotence,
  • painful or difficult urination,
  • swelling in your ankles or feet,
  • stomach pain and constipation,


Testosterone and Cardiac Problems

Testosterone may help many men feel better throughout their everyday lives but it also carries an inherent risk of increasing their risk of heart attacks. New studies surrounding the supplement have found that testosterone may double the risk of heart attack for men under the age of 65 who have a history of heart disease. It also may double the risk of heart attack in men who are 65 or older no matter if they have a history of heart disease or not. This study, published in the journal PLoS One, found that testosterone given to men via injections, gel or patches increased men’s risk for heart attack within the first 90 days of taking the supplement. After the first 90 days had passed, researchers found that men who went off of their prescription did decrease their overall risk of developing heart disease. In conclusion, the researchers found that there wasn’t enough evidence to say that men under 65 should be able to safely take testosterone supplements.


Current Testosterone Lawsuit Status

Testosterone therapies are becoming increasingly popular as many men report that they have low levels of the steroid hormone in their bodies. With more and more men opting to take the hormone, many are having complications and are disappointed with their prescription. Due to this, there are many pending testosterone lawsuits that are claiming that drug companies have greatly underestimated the risks involved with prescribing testosterone. The lawsuits also claim that misleading and biased marketing tactics have been used to imply that testosterone supplementation can help a variety of illnesses. Many other men are suing drug companies due to suffering from heart attack, stroke, transit ischemic attacks, pulmonary embolism, or coronary artery disease after taking testosterone.


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